Peter Bjuhr Composer

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Violin | Cello

ca 12 min

1. Mysterious = 120 / Animated = 120
2. Soft = 80
3. Harsh = 100
4. Expressive = 92
5. Agitated = 84

Dedicated to: Kodály String Duo

Published score: Score at Imslp

Sliced Classics

2014 November 07

Cello | Eam

ca 10 min.

Eclectic piece, mixing classical and more contempoary sounds.

Dedicated to: Mattias Rodrick

Commissioned by: Classic Lounge

First performance: Classic Lounge's fifth year anniversary, 7th of November 2014, Palladium Malmoe

Vocal quartet | Sax quartet

Vocal Quartet and Saxophone Quartet.

Inter-artistic and dramatic work with references to phenomenons including Shakespeare, absurdist theater and pop art.

Dedicated to: Rollin Phones and Vokalkvartetten Vox

Commissioned by: C-Y ContemporarY/Swedish Arts Council

First performance: 2015-09-15, Haga church, Gothenburg, Sweden

Published score: Score

Harpsichord Etudes

2014 May 23


ca 15 min.

Four short etudes that holds different challenges for the harpsichordist.


2014 February 14



A rhythm and sample based piece inspired by the pop art of the 1950s and -60s. It could be seen as a collage with references to pop culture realized in audio.

Dedicated to: Marsel Nichan

First performance: Fylkingen, Stockholm Sweden on the 4th of April 2014

Water and Ink

2013 May 23

Cello | Marimba

ca 7 min.

Cello and Marimba

Piece about controlled simplicity. I would like to compare this to east asian ink (and wash) paintings.

Dedicated to: Y.T.Lee

Assembly All Players

2013 May 23



Work about the difference between humans and computers; and the huge gap in communication which really has to be bridged for the everyday interactions we have with computers and other 'intelligent' machines.

Dedicated to: thingNY

First performance: Dec. 15, 2012, Flushing Town Hall New York.

Interaction of Strings

2013 April 12

Guitar quartet

ca 15 min.

  1. prologue
  2. alternating movement
  3. sarabande with interventions
  4. individual collage
  5. Fugue of East and West
  6. epilogue

Dedicated to: Corona Guitar Quartet

Mapping the Genome

2013 March 28


ca 6 min.

Work for solo guitar about genomic DNA sequencing, especially of the human genome. The piece also includes a DNA sequence interpreted as music.

All People are Equal

2012 August 15


ca 21 min.

Organ solo

As I wrote this piece the topic of racism and ethnic discrimination was once again very much in the spotlight by a very tragic event in Norway. And it seemed

very appropriate for me to proceed with my initial idea to take a stand for all humans equal rights and against racism and ethnic discrimination.

The piece has nine different section with the following titles:

1. stand firm against racism and discrimination

2. all humans are sisters and brothers

3. minority rights, majority obligations

4. don't be scared of the unfamiliar

5. open your eyes against the world

6. much to feel sorry and angry for

7. love and integration

8. in your mind and actions...

9. we are all alike

Dedicated to: Larsåke Sjöstedt

First performance: 25 October 2014, Lund Sweden

the 7th flavour

2012 March 15

Electric guitar trio

ca 11 min.

2 electric guitars, 1 electric bass

Piece exploring the border between sound art and music, with the aid of the electric instruments. Using references to Beethoven's seventh symphony and to songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, hence the title.

Dedicated to: Krock

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Malmoe 17 Mars 2012


ca 10 min.

- Images from the Brain

Organ solo

It has often been said that good music preferably is a mix between reason and emotion. The latter

distinction being closely related to the the dualist separation of mind and body often attributed to

Descartes. This piece is not only an unbalanced mix between analytic and at times mathematical content and emotional content; in addition it also brings forth the question of what it is possible to deduct from the outside of what happens inside the brain.

Dedicated to: Alexandra Fol

Commissioned by: Alexandra Fol

First performance: 31 January, 2014, Redpath Hall, Montreal

Absorb, Alter and Dissolve

2011 October 01

Jazz trio

ca 9 min

Jazz trio

I. On Archaic ground

II. New and inherited patterns

III. Deconstruction

The three sections are based on three different approaches to the interplay between art music and jazz. But the idea was also to put this into a larger context. I am interested in how different cultural traditions in general can change. And I think I have found three important ways: 1) one tradition can change by absorbing features from a different tradition, 2) it can change with very careful and deliberate alteration, and 3) it can be changed by more radical dissolution of the structures that defines the culture. I would like to point out that I have no real intention to change the jazz tradition as the jazztrio stands for, but instead explore these ideas in an overall sound collage-like composition.

Dedicated to: Magnus Hjorth Trio

Commissioned by: C-Y ContemporarY

First performance: Skissernas Museum, Lund, Sweden, 2011-09-29

Green Future?

2011 August 01

String quartet | Percussion

ca 8 min.

String quartet and percussion

We all have to relate to the much feared threats to our environment in some way. How will our world be changed in the future if the temperature

keeps rising? In the current situation we have to try to change something, but should we go "back to nature" in some sense or will we solve

the problem with technological means? One thing is clear though, we can't go back in time to how it was before.

Dedicated to: Bo Håkansson

Commissioned by: Bo Håkansson

First performance: 11-08-06 Trakai Galve Hall, Lithuania

Why I Refuse to Drink Coffee

2011 February 16


ca 8 min.

Theatrical piece. With a lot of symbolism, e.g. coffee as code for the usual, common and obvious.

Dedicated to: thingNY

First performance: 25/2 2011 Little Theatre, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center New York


2011 January 28

Flute | Recorder | Alto trombone | Guitar | Contrabass | Percussion

ca 15 min

Flute, Recorder/Crumhorn, Alto Trombone,Guitar, Contrabass,Percussion

Eclectic and interdisciplinary piece which touches on many different subjects and perhaps evokes some interesting questions.

Dedicated to: ENM - Ensemble for New Music

Commissioned by: ENM - Ensemble for New Music

First performance: Malmö 2011-01-27

Optional wind | Percusssion

ca 15 min

any wind instrument and percussion (with optional non-pitch instruments)

Written for the exciting (jazz) duo Medi, but performable for any duo with wind and percussion.

Dedicated to: Medi - Ida Karlsson (tenor sax) and Emeli Ek (drums)

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: 2010-12-02 Skånes scene for Live- and performance art, Malmö

Mental Journey

2010 November 04

Recorder | Tenor sax | Guitar | Viola

ca 9 min

Recorder, Tenor saxophone, Banjo/Ukulele or Guitar, Viola.

Prologue: Now

Going west

Going east or further west

Going back

Epilogue: Forward

A piece about keeping an open mind against cultures and ideas that perhaps feels foreign in one way or another; in this is also included to keep an open mind about the past and the future.

Dedicated to: ContemporarY Ensemble

First performance: 2010-11-14 Palladium, Malmö

The appealing tone

2010 September 10

Recorder | Harp

ca 9 min

Recorder and harp.

"The appealing tone came to us

as a voice from a distant past.

The wood and the dark strings

lit up the gateway to the past.[...]"

Dedicated to: Ida Höög and Miriam Klein Strandberg

First performance: postponed

a conscious core

2010 June 11


ca 10 min.

Carillon solo.

A piece about conscious decisions related to more automated and unconscious. It is also about how we humans have a tendency to interpret meaning, patterns and intention in phenomenons that perhaps are unintentional and even meaningsless.

Written for the third annual midsommer concert in Malmoe.

Dedicated to: Ørjan Horn Johansen

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: 2010-06-21 Malmoe Carillon tower


2010 February 25

Trumpet | Baritone sax | Clarinet | Cello | Piano | Percussion

ca 10 min

Trumpet, baritone sax, clarinet, cello, piano, percussion and tape

Piece in five sections which each reflects a different trait in postmodern art:

1. Bricolage (using whatever happens to be available) - the percussionist is using available stuff.

2. Simplification - simplified and minimalistic using only a few notes and durations.

3. Collage - short contrasting musical fragments with references to different styles.

4. Appropriation (taking possession) - borrowing from older styles of music.

5. Performance - performing words and very short sections with pop references.

Dedicated to: Nordic Fusion 6

Commissioned by: Nordic Fusion 6

First performance: Tromsø, KontAk-festivalen, 2010-03-05

Mourning Franz Joseph

2009 December 21

Chamber orchestra

6 min

Written for the concert Haydn Remixed to the memory of Joseph Haydn 200 years after his death. Scored for chamber orchestra (flute, 2 bass clarinets, percussion and strings). The piece is a lament using the first themes found in symphonies 82-86.

Dedicated to: Malmö KammarOrkester and ContemporarY Ensemble

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: 2009 18th Nov.

Recollecting Joseph

2009 December 21

Chamber orchestra

4 min

Written for the concert Haydn Remixed to the memory of Joseph Haydn 200 years after his death. Scored for chamber orchestra (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion and strings). The piece is built around a sampling technique where the opening bars of Haydns symphonies 23-27 is being used.

Dedicated to: Malmö KammarOrkester and ContemporarY Ensemble

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: 091118

Life in Five Movements

2009 December 21

Zonghu | Qudi | Pipa | Guzheng | Yangqin | Liuqin | Sheng

ca 11 min

Selected in Chai Found Music Workshop´s Wu Xing competition 2009. Scored for the eastern instruments zonghu, qudi, pipa, guzheng, yangqin, liuqin and sheng. A combination of eastern philosophy and pentatonic system with more western part-writing and form.

Dedicated to: Chai Found Music Workshop

First performance: 2009-11-28 Forum Music Auditorium Taipei

Strings, Skins and Wood

2009 September 10

Harp | Percussion

ca 6 min

Harp and percussion.

The piece centers mostly around the harp and its possibilities and limitations, viewed differently from the perspective of the harpist and the percussionist.

Dedicated to: Duo Harpverk: Katie Buckley - harp and Frank Aarnink - percussion

Commissioned by: Duo Harpverk

First performance: 2011-02-12 Amsterdam, Icelandic Music Days festival

Making Friends

2009 August 31

Trombone | Tuba | Percussion duo

5 min

Trombone, tuba and 2 percussionists. Written for a concert in collaboration with the islandic group SLATUR.

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Malmoe 2009-08-26

Bells, Birds and Metal

2009 June 30

Carillon | Recorder duo | Eam

9 min

Carillon, two recorders and tape.

Written for the second annual midsommer concert in Malmoe.

Dedicated to: Ida Höög, Annie Lönngren and Martin Hasselgren

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Malmoe 2009-06-21

21 bagatelles

2009 June 01


ca 1'30''

Piano solo
A rather extreme interpretation of the concept of bagatelle; each bagatalle is only a few bars long and lasting for only seconds. The bagatelles are paired in groups of three with a common theme of some sort. But they can be played seperately or in any order.

Published score: Score at imslp


2009 May 22



For acoustic and computer ensemble. The title refers both to the indeterminate outcome of the piece and the fact that the form can be looped continously.

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Malmö 2009-05-17


2009 May 22

Vibraphone | Trumpet | Percussion | Live electronics

c. 10 min

Adaptation of BWV 1001 (solo violin) for vibraphone, trumpet and percussion/drum set and electronics.

Dedicated to: Johan Westerberg, Per Ivarsson and Per Andreasson.

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Malmö 2009-05-17

Bass clarinet | Marimba | Eam


Short piece for bass clarinet, marimba and tape.

Dedicated to: Marcus Ström

First performance: 2009-05-13

Tuned Connections

2009 April 09

Electric guitar | Live electronics

ca 20-25 min.

Scored for banjo/electric guitar and live electronics. Written for a concert with focus on the electric guitar.

Dedicated to: Johan Malmberg

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: 090326 Klubb C-Y

Magnified Marimba

2009 January 15

Marimba | Eam


"Your eyes are wandering without purpose. Suddenly you see something that catches your interest. You zoom in. You are caught. You lose yourself in the details and zoom in to the limit."

Marimba and EAM. A gradual focus of pulse ends up in groovy jazz-flavoured electronica.

Dedicated to: Marcus Ström

First performance: 090114, Palladium, Malmö

Surprise Me!

2009 January 15


5 min

Surprising variations on the theme from Haydn´s symphony "Surprise". Carillon solo.

Dedicated to: Martin Hasselgren

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: 081221 Malmoe

New Media Old Media

2008 December 16

Female choir | Live electronics

10 min

Female choir with solo

Partly a tribute to media, partly a critic of our attitude towards media. Text by the composer.

Dedicated to: Carolinae damkör

First performance: 11 Dec 2008, Galleri Format. Performed by New Ensemble Singers, solo soprano: Agnes Wästfelt.

Breathe Out

2008 December 16


4 min.

An exploration of the instrument, and a journey from very free and respiring playing to strict and surprising rhythm. Accordion solo.

Dedicated to: Anette Hall

First performance: 5 Dec 2008, Rosenbergssalen Malmö

The Eight Elements

2008 November 05

Percussion duo

ca 8 min

Thoughtful piece about every day material and their sounds written for two percussion players. The following eight "elements" are stipulated: metal, wood, plastic, textile, water, glass, stone and paper.

Dedicated to: Johan Westerberg and Per Andreasson

First performance: Klubb C-Y:9, 2008-10-30, Malmö

Climbing towards the Sun

2008 August 28


ca 4 min.

Written for the large but unusual outdoor instrument carillon. Upward, reaching movement.

Dedicated to: Martin Hasselgren

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: SunBells, 2008-06-21, Stortorget Malmoe

Beyond the End of Times

2008 August 09

Violin | Cello | Clarinet | Piano

ca 5 min.

Quartet for the twentyfirst century

in memory of Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992)

Dedicated to: written for Anne Sophie Andersen, Jonas Losciale, Mette Spang-Hanssen, Kristoffer Nyholm-Hyldig

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

Published score: Score at imslp

Bass clarinet | Marimba

ca 6 min

A piece about waiting for a loved one. Bass clarinet and marimba.

First performance: Klubb C-Y:5, 2008-03-27, Nya Tröls


2008 May 09

Guitar | Violin | Accordion | Percussion

ca 8 min

Eclectic and playful piece in three movements roughly about the transition from disillusion and depression to joy and happiness. Guitar, violin, accordion and percussion.

Dedicated to: Pauli Lamppu and ContemporarY Ensemble (Malin Lund - vln, Anette Hall - acc, Niklas Bennerholm - perc)

First performance: Malmoe International Guitarfestival, 2008-03-07, Tangopalatset


2008 May 09

Flute | Guitar

ca 4 min

Piece for flute and guitar. Inspired by Ástor Piazzolla. Roughly in Tango nuevo style, but with hints of minimalism in the middle section.

Dedicated to: Carsten Grøndahl and Jörgen Tånnander

First performance: Malmoe International Guitarfestival, 2008-03-01, Tangopalatset


2008 May 09

Trumpet | Marimba

ca 9 min

The inner state of a person sleepwalking and abruptly waking up. Trumpet, marimba and optional live-electronics.

Dedicated to: Per Ivarsson and Núria Andorrà

First performance: Klubb C-Y:5, 2008-03-27, Nya Tröls

Tenor recorder | Harpsichord

ca 4 min

A piece for tenor recorder and harpsichord about extreme conditions on Uranus with some baroque influences.

Dedicated to: Ida Höög

First performance: 2008-01-15, Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg

Cold as Snow

2008 May 09

Trumpet | Carillon

Piece for trumpet and carillon with improvisational middle section.

Dedicated to: Per Ivarsson and Martin Hasselgren

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Bells Up, 2007-12-22, Stortorget Malmoe


2008 May 09

Electric guitar | Live electronics

8 min on first performance

Piece for electric guitar and computer - roughly sketched with much improvisation.

Dedicated to: Pascal Jardry

First performance: Klubb C-Y:2, 2007-11-29, Nya Tröls

Global Warning

2007 November 03

Tuba | Electric guitar | Live electronics

ca 4.30

Global challanges for the 21th century. Tuba, electric guitar and live electronics.

I. The Road to World Peace

II. Clean Environment

Dedicated to: Kjetil Myklebust and Pascal Jardry

Commissioned by: C-Y contemporary

First performance: Klubb C-Y:2, 2007-11-29, Nya Tröls

Human Relations

2007 January 17

Guitar duo

ca. 9 min.

Duo for guitar and alto guitar. Piece in 6 movements which tells the story of a single relation, or human relations overall.

The movements are titled:

I. Acquaintance

II. Conflict of Interest

III. Attraction

IV. Relief

V. Routine

VI. Domestic Solutions.

Dedicated to: Lauri&Pascal

First performance: 2007-03-11 at Malmoe international Guitarfestival by Lauri&Pascal.

Published score: Score at imslp

Danza Sentimentale

2006 March 09


5 min.

Piece with dance character, written for solo guitar.


7 min.

The piece is based on the theme from Danza Espanola no. 5 by Granados, and consists of five contrasting variations:

1) 'Quasi theme' - molto passionato ma alla danza

2) 'The Upbeat' - semplice e reflessivo

3) 'The Melody' - dolce e cantabile

4) 'The Grace Notes' - con moto e scherzando

5) 'Quasi theme' - agitato.

Dedicated to: Carsten Grøndahl

Guitar Trio No. 1

2006 March 09

Guitar trio

10 min

Piece written for the enthusiastic and promising guitar trio Trio MaLaDa, former pupils of guitarist Carsten Groendahl. Not only was the piece written directly for the trio, each separate part was created directly for the individual guitarists. The piece is mostly in classical style but with hints from other genres. It is in three movements:

I. Prelude

II. Dance

III. Finale.

Dedicated to: Trio MaLaDa

First performance: Malmoe 2006-03-12

Peter Bjuhr

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Here I publish information of the music I've written. I also blog about my projects and thoughts about music in general.

I am a contemporary classical composer and compose music for classical musicians, but as you can see from my worklist I've also done other things - including live electronics, electroacoustic music (eam) and music for other types of ensembles (e.g. a jazz trio).

My works have been performed globally, including Europe, Asia and North America.

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